Plymouth University Main Hall

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Plymouth University Campus has amongst its buildings the very large buiding called The Main Hall,  with what is very probably the best stage, sound & light facilities, it is a venue that every group in the area or touring should visit

The Main Halls spacious 800+ auditorium with amazing acoustics,  includes one of the largest and best equiped stages in England,  with the stage, comes a superbly powerful sound PA system with the most modern mixing desks operated by true sound technicians that gives the audiance the very best clear and intense sound experience no matter what the stage performs, everything from classical symphonies through the best years of pop and rock and roll to punk and house and rave music, the audiance will enjoy the best sound possible

When the lighting technicians turn on their control panels and let their imagination take control, the stage erupts into a festival of lights from floodlights, spots, rotating LEDs of all colours can transform a basic show into a true event that will remain in the audiances memories for many years

Add to the stage, sound, lights and auditorium, Q the Quo the top European tribute to Status Quo performing the 6 decades of music of the top rock and roll band in the land, then add in 2 bars operated by the Student Union at super attractive prices and you will enjoy a night to enjoy like no other

How to find The Main Hall

The Main Hall at Plymouth University is one of the most accessible venues

Almost all Plymouth bus routes will pass the front of Plymouth University and The Main Hall is one of the first buildings that you will find as you enter the campus. The Main Hall is signposted throughout the Campus 

Arriving by Train ? North Road Station is a short walk toThe Main Hall or busses leave the station every few minutes