Carers tickets are available for no cost to genuine people who require their carer to attend with them

Please read the details below and if you require a carers ticket we will be pleased to hear from you and assist you

The contact form to apply for your essential carers ticket is below

To obtain your carers ticket please contact the venue or email

Carers Tickets & assistance offered at Plymouth University Main Hall

The promoter of this concert (Magic Toad Promotions) wants all that wish to attend be offered as much assistance as they can so that all can attend and enjoy a great evening regardless of any disability

Magic Toad Promotions does provide full accident and injury care at the concert but due to the wide spread of disabilities and how they affect you as an individual cannot provide specialist medical care that you may require while at the concert. Should you require that specialist care Magic Toad Promotions medical staff will assess you and call for whatever assitance they feel fit, for example ambulance or paramedical response

Unfortunately due to some people abusing the issue of free carers tickets and the facilities provided for those in need, the Promoter may ask for written proof of disabilities, we know that those people who genuinely require a carers free ticket will understand this

We do ask that anyone attending who does require assistance to contact the dedicated booking team using the contact form below . Magic Toad Promotions will do all we possibly can to help those in need of genuine assistance to attend

If you are in genuine need of a carer to accompany you to attend and enjoy this concert, Magic Toad Promotions will gladly provide your carer with a concert ticket free of all charges

If you are in need of a carer to attend the event but wish other friends or family to also accompany you, the organiser will only provide 1 free carers ticket per in need person, all others in your party will have to purchase a standard ticket

If you have purchased a ticket for yourself and been provided a free carers ticket, the carer will lose their right to that free ticket if you are unfortunately unable to attend

The free carers ticket is your property. It does not belong to your carer. The purpose of providing free carers tickets is to enable you to attend, not for the carer to attend without you. If your original carer cannot attend the concert you may bring another person with you to act as your carer

This is a standing audience concert. For those that are genuinely in need of assistance the promotor of the concert (Magic Toad Promotions) will provide free of any additional fees the following reasonable assistance

The promoter (Magic Toad Promotions) will provide adequate staff to assist your carer looking after you if requested during the concert

The Main Hall has a disability lift for those that require it for accessing the auditorium. The promoter will also be providing a raised area for those who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters to be able to move around. This area will be at the rear of the hall to guarantee a great view to those who need it without interfering with the visibility of the audience

This raised area also will have a limited amount of seating available for carers and for those who cannot physically stand for the whole event

It is anticipated that if anyone who requires the use of a wheelchair or mobility scooter will be best served at this event by using the raised section. With this event being a standing only concert visability for those using such mobility aids will be totally compromised

There is no safe way for those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or those with limited mobility to move from the raised area to the lower audience areas, Carers and those able to manouver and access to the audience area may leave the raised area or reasons of comfort, to go to the bar, or resting

If the person with disabilities wishes to leave the area then it is their carers duty to accompany them

Depending on the total space available we may have to unfortunately restrict numbers who may use the raised platform area. The size of this space for disabled and their carers has been set by the Fire regulations in place at the Main Hall, so that in the very unlikely event that there is an occurance during the concert that causes the area to be evacuated that the raised area can be vacated rapidly and safely

So that we can provide the duty of care to all of our audience we ask that those wishing to use the raised area to arrive early, and that they are patient when the concert ends as the access and lift to the raised area can only carry a few people at a time

Please only use this form to apply for a free essential carers ticket